Reason Why

I decided that I would like to do something to raise money for my 2 favourite charities, the Omagh Branch of the MS Society and the Fermanagh Branch of the Children’s Heartbeat Trust.  The Children’s Heartbeat Trust were an invaluable help when my youngest son was born with a heart defect and need heart surgery at 6 weeks old.  They provided endless help & support up over the years.  I have always followed the charity’s response to the changes made in relation to heart surgery in Belfast and have admired all the hard work that the charity does to support families in providing services to assist them.  The work they have done and will continue to do is invaluable.  I know from experience that local support groups are very important and that they cannot survive without some funding and so this is why I am doing this jump from the skies.  I was diagnosed with MS approx. 8yrs ago and I value my local support group very much and all the events they organise for sufferers and their carers/families.  I have found the help and support that I have received from them very important not only to me but to other sufferers.  I have a great interest in the research work that the MS Society supports as research is the stepping stone to discovery which is the next step to a cure so it is very important.